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Maroon Asteria

Earphone Handle Host CD Storage Rack

Earphone Handle Host CD Storage Rack

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 Universal compatibility with PS5 / PS4 /Xbox Series /XboxOne/Nintendo Switch compatibility
 Save space, wide function, convenient storage, super abrasion resistance
 Two sides can hang accessories, handle, the top can be placed headphones, etc
 The bottom drawer is designed to hold silicone cases, chargers, game cards and other small   accessories
 DIY assembly design is adopted to minimize the volume of products and enhance customers'   product experience


Type of console accessories: other game peripherals
Applicable product: PS5 /SWITCH/XBOX
Scope of application: Host CD storage rack
Video game ratings: Entry-level, enthusiast-level, elite level, ashes level
Applicable number: unlimited
Applicable age: no restrictions
Product size :27.8*29.4*7.2cm
Material: ABS.

Package Content:

1 x Rack

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