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Maroon Asteria

Car rear headrest car sleeping artifact child rear side

Car rear headrest car sleeping artifact child rear side

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External material: leather
Type : Headrest
Internal filler: high resilience cotton
pattern: plain
Flame retardant: fireproof
Size : Standard size

It is breathable and relies on more comfort and environmental friendliness.
Optimized design: This pillow has a conventional design and an ergonomic design that makes the journey comfortable and worry-free.
The spirit of craftsmanship: exquisite edge design and sewing, exquisite beauty reflects our highest pursuit of quality, aiming to create the best and most perfect products for our customers.
Lightweight and convenient: the car seat is equipped with an adjustable zipper design that is easy to install and remove, easy to clean; the pillow board can be rotated 180 degrees, and can be raised to save space when not in use.
More comfortable travel: This product is a versatile product for adults and children; it can take care of your neck, prevent neck pain and make travel more comfortable when your lover, child and friend are tired of traveling. .
Travel Headrest is a revolutionary new product with a sense of style and technology.
Provide a warm and comfortable environment for children who travel and travel by car.
By installing a simple universal stand, the headrest provides lateral support so that your lover and child's head can stay in one position and sleep comfortably in the seat.
The “headrest car” is flexible and can be adjusted according to the height and comfort of different customers.
If you don't use it, you can flip it completely.
The shoulder pad of the headrest has a soft padding that is removable, machine washable and easy to clean.
Product Name: Car back seat headrest neck pillow
Material: environmentally friendly ABS + memory cotton

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