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Lilac Milo

LED Tower Fantasy Jellyfish Lamp With Remote Control

LED Tower Fantasy Jellyfish Lamp With Remote Control

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1.Mesmerizing lifelike Jellyfish with realistic movements, be fascinated as these two neon dotted jellyfish swim majestically around their tank
2.The colors can be randomly set that with each glance the colors have changed providing a new delight to the eyes and senses.
3.Great for Chidrens night light.
4.Great gift for anyone who loves sea life or simply wants to make a unique design statement.
5.Led Jellyfish lamp, Watch jellyfish models swim quietly, creating a beautiful ambience.
6.Perfect for office or home as lighting and fish create a soothing peaceful environment.
Product Type: Jellyfish Lamp
Product Size:10.7*30CM
Material: ABS & Acrylic

Packing included:
1 x Jellyfish Lamp
1 xUSB Cable
1xRemote Control(Optional)
2 xJellyfish

If the jellyfish does not swim, add more detergent (Add 3 drops of dishwashing soap into water and lets it for 1 minute.)
When used for the first time, there will be a lot of bubbles on the surface of the jellyfish, which may cause the jellyfish to not float smoothly. After a period of time, after the bubbles disappear, it will swim normally or you can manually remove the bubbles on the surface of the jellyfish.(Dip the 2 jellyfish into water upside down until fully submerged.If there's some bubbles trapped, shake jellyfish upsidedown to dislodge.

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