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Maroon Asteria

Mobile Computer Screen Cleaner Does Not Contain Liquid

Mobile Computer Screen Cleaner Does Not Contain Liquid

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Two-color choices, natural extraction, continuous fragrance
A spray and a wipe, with a small screen housekeeper, easy to decontaminate fingerprints, suitable for mobile phone/computer / iPad / TV screen cleaning
Before cleaning: fingerprint stains that are difficult to remove
Cleaning: a spray and a quick decontamination
After cleaning: easy to decontaminate without leaving traces
Convenient & practical you need: it is a bottle of spray / also a piece of cloth
Mobile phone screen, portable mirror, the screen is as clean as new, spray, grease, fingerprints are not seen
Fit the habits, the gap button designed from the comfort of use
The cleaner can be added and replaced, and the separate bottle design can be replaced with convenient and practical


Color: black, red, blue, green
Capacity: 65 ml
Applies to: mobile phones, tablet, laptop, monitors
Size: 9*2.7*2.7cm

Package Content:
Touchscreen Mist Cleaner * 1

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