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Maroon Asteria

Outdoor Office Portable Folding Wireless Reel Keyboard

Outdoor Office Portable Folding Wireless Reel Keyboard

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1. Scroll Bluetooth keyboard
Multi-device, second switching
2. Enjoy freedom. Free Alliance
Cross-platform, cross-system, lightweight and convenient
3. Multi-device switching in seconds
The wireless transmission signal is stable, the distance can reach about 10 meters
4. Broadcom Bluetooth chip
Same core design as iPad, stable connection and sensitive input
5. Support multiple device ports
Can be connected to the device at the same time, easy to switch
6. Scissors keycap structure
The keyboard uses a simple chocolate concave keycap,
Balanced operation force, using scissors structure buttons
Low sound, good rebound effect, comfortable operation,
Outstanding feel

2.Bluetooth Profiles:HID
3.Operating Range:about 10M
4. Frequency range:2402~2480MHz
5. Operating temperature:10℃ to 40℃
7.Power supply:1AAA dry Battery
8.Working voltage:1.5V
9. Low voltage alarm:≤1.1V
10.Working current:2.5mA
11.Working time:288 Hours
12.Multi-device: pair up to 3 devices
13.Auto On/Off- unroll/roll up keyboard
15.Unit weight:196g
16.With holder for Table PC iPad iPod iphone and smart phones,ect.
17.64 keys compatible with IOS,Android,Windows systems

Package Content:
1*Reel Bluetooth keyboard

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