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Maroon Asteria

Portable Outdoor Sports Ear Hook Type Bluetooth Headset

Portable Outdoor Sports Ear Hook Type Bluetooth Headset

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Product model:  Bluetooth headset (hanging ear type)
Bluetooth solution: Zhongke Lanxun or Jerry
Product material: ABS, TPE, aluminum alloy
Product speaker: high-definition sound quality composite membrane speaker
Bluetooth version: V5.0 high-definition binaural call master-slave switch
Standby time: about 90 days
Communication distance: barrier-free effective distance is greater than 10 meters
Headphone battery capacity: 30MAH Charging bin capacity: 300mA (with protection board)
Earphone working time: 3~5 hours (the charging compartment can charge the earphone about 3~5 times)
Charging time: 1~2 hours 5v1A Note: It is prohibited to use fast charging or high current chargers to charge this product for a long time!
Weight of single earphone: 8g, weight of whole machine: 74g
Headphone size: 58*33.5*26mm, charging compartment size: 95*70.7*32mm


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