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Maroon Asteria

Waterproof Swimming Bluetooth With 32G Memory Headset

Waterproof Swimming Bluetooth With 32G Memory Headset

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Product information:

Transmission range: 10 meters
Function: battery display, call function, NFC function, voice control, support music, multi-point connection
Bluetooth protocol: 5.0
Channel: Stereo
How to use: Bone conduction swimming earphones
Whether single and double ears: unilateral hands-free

1. True bone conduction E.
2.20m deep swim
4. High-strength titanium alloy, which can be bent at will.
5. Longer battery life, 6-8 hours of battery life.
6. 32G memory.

Packing list:

Headphone*1 User Guide*1 Charging Cable*1 Headphone*1 Earbuds*1 Pair

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